Nanocatch OG

Maria Buch 4a
A-8750 Judenburg


Fishing fl ies prepared with NANOCATCH display an the angler to hook several fi sh in a row. The allows you your own time before you go out fishing 100% well-prepared.

All that time-consuming drying and regreasing of flies become history.

extremely good floatage allowingsustainability of the preparationto prepare the fl ies at home in After landing the fi sh, simply clean the fl y with water (no slime will cling on it). and your fly will be ready to attract the next big fish.

Just a few quick throws Make a good catch!

Application:The fly has to be absolutely dry before preparation. Shake NANOCATCH before use and spray the fly on all sides from a distance of approx. 10 – 15 cm.
If you prepare several fl ies, make sure to keep suffi cient distance. (do not touch the flies if possible) Drying time: Depending on the type of fly – between 4 and 24 hours.

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